The game developed to experience the landscape will be available in a test-release to play in mobile devices. It will be developed combining geolocation information with the information retrieved from the platform within a game narrative. In this adventure game, obstacles are overcome by moving through a complex world, accumulating adequate tools and booty, until finally the treasure or goal is reached. This genre focuses on exploration and puzzle solving, featuring long-term obstacles, without requiring quick reflexes or intense action. Instead, length and in-depth observation of monuments (from the smallest coin to the largest buildings) will build the terrain in which the citizens acquire information and knowledge on their cultural heritage. The game will be based on key scenarios built by the scientific team together with all partners during secondments and in online conferences.

It is envisaged that at least seven landscape routes in selected towns, regions or at country-level of Italy, Spain, Portugal, France and the historical district covered by the Polish partner (Northern Turkey, Greece and Romania) are created.

Both the platform and the adventure game will contain a self-evaluation tool, which at the same time will allow the researchers to answer the main scope of the project, i.e. how informal learning can impact on formal learning, passing also through the intermediation role of Museums and ONGs.